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If you are looking for Weight Management / Weight Loss or Weight Gain Programs, without Starving or without Excercise, you have come to the appropriate place.


Over weight or Obesity is the starting point for Lifestyle Deceases like Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks and many more to say. If you can control your Weight, you can control all of them.


The main reason to all these is our Food Habbits. We are continuing to have the food that is used to have by our ancestors. They used to walk miles and miles to reach one place to another. They used to work throughout the day in the fields and they used to have many physical exercises hence there is a need for heavy food with full of carbohydrates.


Now-a-days, we don't have any physical exercises. We don't even walk till the street corner. For every thing we use two/four wheelers to commute from one place to another even it is very near to us. We use remote control, to change the channel of our Television.


The excess of corbohydrates, which we take in the BreakFast, Lunch and Dinner. will be converted into fats, hence we get tyres around our stomach. These accumulated fats will lead to Obesity.


The over-intake of Carbs will lead to all the life style deseases like Diabetis, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure or Heart-Attacks.




Over the past 30 years, Herbalife International has become the leading global

manufacturer of meal replacements for healthy nutrition and weight management. The goal of weight management is to achieve and maintain not only a healthy weight, but also a healthy shape. Shape is critical to achieving the health goals of weight management, since shape includes the concept of body-fat distribution, optimizing lean body mass and getting into a proper level of fitness. Shape means both body shape and “getting into shape,” and so provides a valuable tool for communicating the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle, regardless of body weight.


It is not simply the weight of the body that determines health, but the quality of

the body tissues in terms of lean versus fat. Simply because an individual is overweight, normal weight, or underweight is not neccessarily a gauge of his or her nutritional balance. Weight loss can lead to loss of lean body mass, which occurs during unsupplemented starvation and with hypocaloric diets that are deficient in protein.


A body of scientific research is demonstrating that increased protein provided at

about one gram per pound of lean body mass (29 percent of resting metabolic rate)

provides better control of hunger and maintains lean body mass better than the usually recommended amount of protein, which is about 15 percent of total calorie intake. In addition to research at UCLA which forms the basis for the ShapeWorks® program, recent studies in Australia and in Colorado demonstrate that increased protein may be especially useful for promoting weight loss in the pre-diabetic, insulin-resistant, obese individual.


Many people take in too little protein and lead a sedentary lifestyle, resulting

in loss of muscle and increase in fat or sarcopenic obesity. Attempts at rapid weight loss by eating less of their favorite foods results in deficiencies of multiple nutrients, which usually includes protein. In this common condition, lean tissue is deficient and the percentage of body fat is high (>30 percent), despite a normal Body Mass Index (BMI). Similarly, weight lifters can be overweight with a high BMI but have a normal body-fat percentage. Their increased weight is due to increased muscle tissue, and they require increased protein based on their lean mass, both to control hunger and maintain muscle.


The rate at which weight is lost is a function of how much of a calorie deficit is

created from the calories required to maintain current weight. For every 500 cal/day deficit created through calorie restriction, increased physical activity or some combination of the two, there will be a one-pound weight loss per week. Increased protein intake does not make weight loss more rapid, but it does result in better maintenance of lean body mass at the same rate of weight loss when compared to a lower protein intake. Starvation is the extreme, in which about one pound of body protein is lost for every four pounds of weight lost. With exercise and increased protein intake during weight loss, it is possible to minimize the loss of lean body mass.


Some thin women will gain weight when given adequate protein, due to an

increase in muscle mass. They may not be happy with this, and it is their choice to

remain at a lower muscle mass. However, in order to keep their body-fat percentage in a healthy range, these women will need to burn calories daily with aerobic exercise and carefully watch their food intake to minimize total calorie intake. Their lower muscle mass means that they will need fewer calories to maintain their tiny shape.


The ultimate secret ingredient in this program is the care that each Herbalife

Distributor provides to their customers. Herbalife International provides many

resources in the form of pamphlets, DVDs and educational materials, as well as

downloadable Web-based information, to help Distributors provide the best care for

their customers. It is our hope that this will help you in your efforts as a client of a Herbalife Distributor.

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